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Leadership Team Building/
Strategic Planning
Leadership and Employee

Leadership Team Building/Strategic Planning:

Effective leadership teams possess a certain kind of “chemistry” where members of the team

  • Pursue a common vision
  • Understand what it takes to achieve that vision
  • Openly challenge and support one another

Their shared values play out in the way they communicate, resolve conflicts, make decisions, and solve problems as a team.  They also play out in how they lead the rest of the organization to engage employees as they work together to grow the organization.

Getting leadership teams to see organizational challenges through a common lens, and resolve them in a collaborative and successful manner often requires that they first “get on the same page”……with a shared understanding of:

  • The organization’s history
  • Core strengths and weaknesses
  • Changes in products, services, and market dynamics
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sales strategies
  • Current financial situation
  • Future opportunities

Once “on the same page”, the team collectively targets the 3-4 key strategic and tactical initiatives that will lead to short and long-term growth.  Cross-functional initiative teams are staffed with key employees and chartered to achieve carefully planned objectives leading to sales growth, cost reduction, quality improvement, and increased customer satisfaction.

Leadership team building/strategic planning workshops typically begin with:

  • Meeting with the team leader to plan workshop objectives
  • Interviews with members of the team to identify personal objectives, team strengths and challenges, and underlying team dynamics
  • One or more team assessment tools (Myers-Briggs, FIRO-B, TKI, etc.)
  • A workshop design that is developed collaboratively with the team leader

Team workshops are scheduled to last between 1-3 days depending on the agenda, and are typically conducted offsite to enable minimal interruption and maximum collaboration.  Outcomes include action plans to achieve key business objectives and plans for scheduled check-ins to evaluate team progress.

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